Episode 1 – Michael Franco

Michael Franco is a poet, playwright and artist. He has been contributing editor for Lift magazine, and a member of the poetry panel for Agni magazine. For ten years he directed the Word of Mouth Reading Series in Cambridge MA. In the fall of 2016 he inaugurated a new series, Xit the Bear in the Press Room at Oxford Street and he is a member of the board of directors for The Pioneer Valley Poetry Festival.

His publications include:
A Book of Measure: The Journals of the Man who Keeps Bees (2017)
The Marvels of David Leering (2017)
The Library Of Dr Dee (2006)
How To Live (1998)
The Journals of the Man Who Kept Bees: Complete second Circumference (1996)
Tales from the Portuguese (1996)
A Book of Measure (opening circumference) (1993)
Parallel Lines (1988)
Conferences (1986)
Narration (1985)
Ancient Art and Ritual (1977)



About Michael’s Word of Mouth reading series

Michael reading at Grolier Bookstore in Cambridge

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