Episode 6 – James Cook

Unfortunately there was a mixup with the station and James and I could not do the show. I am hoping that James will accept to be my guest sometime in the not too distant future.

James Cook signifies and represents in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He educates and administers. He fathers-forth but presents change. He husbands. He did his student-teaching at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. He is currently the principal of Gloucester High School. He taught English for eighteen years in between. He has been the co-editor of the literary magazine Polis, and his work has appeared in Wards of the Wards, Let the Bucket Down, Jacket2, Process, Gaff, and Underutilized Species.


  • The Fool Reads The Varieties of Hydrozoan Experience (collaboration with artist Stevens Brosnihan)
  • Cartoglossographia: A Draft (A Polis Supplement)
  • “Some Arguments” (Openmouth Press), from Arguments & Letters (Pressed Wafer)

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