The premise of the show is to have a relaxed and informal conversation with poets about their work and interests. I imagine Texts For Nothing as the opposite of an academic or scholarly pursuit, and by that I mean just two people talking about things they find important and meaningful. Being an expert on something is not a requirement, rather I would like to emphasize in this show that curiosity and imagination are more important than erudition.

About a year and a half ago I started a project that consisted in conversing with poets about their work and other things that they find interesting and inspiring. We used to meet to record the conversation at the Cambridge Community Television Center, in Cambridge Massachusetts. However, due to the ongoing health crisis the world is going through, I decided to change the format of the show from a live conversation in the studio to a podcast. I used to be able to host the show once a month, but the this new format has considerations that I didn’t have to deal with before; manly, editing and postproduction. These take more time that I had imagined, and will make it more difficult to keep the rhythm of the episodes as it used to be. But I will try to keep them flowing as much as possible.

Antonio Ochoa was born in Mexico City. He has published two books of poems in Spanish pulsos (Mexico: Libros del Umbral) and El toro de Hiroshima (Mexico: Mangos de Hacha). His poems have appeared in journals in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the US. His essays and translations have appeared in academic and nonacademic journals. He is the editor of Selected Poems and Selected Essays of Eduardo Milán both published by Shearsman in England.